New 1000sqm commercial building / factory / warehouse in Sydney. 20 x concrete tilt panels poured onsite. Structurally engineered for 28-metre internal service crane with 5 tonne capacity.


Private investor.


In 2023, our project managers, commercial builders and landscapers completed the construction of a new factory and commercial premises at St Marys (near Penrith, Sydney). We managed every aspect of the project build from start to finish.

concrete tilt panels sydney factory exterior
Left : Concrete tilt up panel exterior construction. Water retention tank in foreground. Right : Exterior facade from the street. Landscaping in progress.

Building Construction

The building construction comprised a concrete floor slab, steel frame, 20 tilt up concrete panel walls, and Colorbond roof with a total area of 1000sqm on a 1700sqm site.

Tilt Up Concrete Wall Panels

The fabrication of the concrete wall panels required a methodical and carefully planned approach.

A total of 20 tilt up panels were poured, in situ, atop the concrete floor slab. Due to the height of the building (and therefore the wall panels), coupled with the ground slab size restrictions, each tilt up panel had to be poured, one-by-one, atop each other.

By the end of the fabrication process, we had 4 huge stacks of wall panels strategically placed around the site.  These were then lifted and secured in place, in carefully planned order, like pieces in a puzzle.

concrete tilt panels sydney factory interior
Right : Internal warehousing. Downstairs bathroom facilities in right corner. Roller door access. Left : External view of warehouse entry. Mezzanine offices to the left.

Internal Works

The vast, 1000 sqm internal space comprised an open factory and warehouse at ground floor level, carpeted mezzanine offices, tiled kitchenette, two tiled bathrooms (upstairs and downstairs) and a partitioned entry foyer with stairs leading up to the mezzanine.

A huge 28 metre internal service crane was affixed to the warehouse roof.  Sliding along rails, the crane moves both vertically and horizontally, from one end of the factory to the other and from side to side, and can carry up to 5 tonnes.

Scroll down to watch a video of the crane being delivered onsite.

concrete tilt panels sydney mezzanine office
Left : Mezzanine office space. Left : Stairs from foyer to the office area.

External Works

Externally, we arrived at a blank canvas and had to prepare the surrounding land for the construction, this included:

  • concrete driveway, parking and pedestrian paths
  • retaining walls for landscaping and soil retention
  • 13m x 10m OSD 1.5 metre deep water retention tank with ocean protection
  • landscaping
  • boundary fencing
  • automated security gate
concrete tilt panels sydney landscaping and fencing
Left : Boundary security fencing. Security gate access. Left : Street landscaping complete.


26 weeks

Note: This project had to be delivered within a very tight timeframe because a new tenant was moving into the premises on a predetermined date. 

builders sydney

W & C Building Co. Commercial Builders Sydney

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The supply and installation of tilt up concrete panels is another area of expertise for our team.

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