Storm damaged retailing wall repair. Remove old retaining wall rubble and clean up the site. Build new, structurally sound retaining wall. Reinstate garden and lawn.


Northern Beaches homeowner.


Our remedial builders were contracted by a homeowner on the Northern Beaches (Sydney) to rebuild a collapsed retaining wall on their Narrabeen property.

The original retaining wall had collapsed in a storm.  After weeks of excessive rain, storm water had built up behind the wall causing it to eventually fail and fall over.  Sadly, the homeowner had tried to claim the retaining wall rebuild on insurance, however, after an unsuccessful three year battle, they decided to pay for the repairs themselves.  The rubble from the original wall was dangerous (it had to remain in place during the insurance claim process) and they were unable to park their cars in the driveway. They had grown tired of the ongoing inconvenience so employed us to build a new retaining wall and rectify other associated issues caused by the collapse.

retaining wall northern beaches
Left: The old retaining wall site is cleaned up. Top right: The new reinforced concrete footing and foundation to support the new retaining wall and prevent it from moving. Bottom right: Vertical steel bars provide further reinforcement to the wall.


The first step was to remove the rubble from the original retaining wall so we could clearly assess the requirements of the new retaining wall and provide an adequate long term solution. With the site cleared, we created a temporary retaining wall to hold back the soil of the original lawn.

To provide adequate stability to the new retaining wall, we recommended the addition of a 1.2 metre footing (450mm thick) at the base of the wall.  This was made of reinforced concrete and would provide adequate stability to the new wall, preventing it from moving or “sliding” at any time in the future.  With such a large amount of soil and lawn being retained behind the wall, this engineering will provide the wall with adequate strength for many, many years to come.

To prevent water build up behind the wall, we installed geotech fabric, agricultural pipeline (ag line) behind the wall.  This was filled with aggregate (stones) to assist with drainage.  Now any water that naturally finds it way to the back of the wall will drain away quickly and freely. The back of the wall was waterproofed with a waterproof membrane to protect it from long term water damage.

The wall was built using a red blockwork reinforced with steel reinforcement and filled with concrete.

There is no way this retaining wall is moving under any circumstances!

And finally, we replaced the lawn at the top of the wall and added a metal safety fence as a fall guard around it to provide adequate safety.  Importantly, with young grandchildren visiting regularly this was a relief for the home owners that wasn’t installed with the old retaining wall.

The entire project took our team six weeks.  Importantly, the homeowners can now use the off street parking space. They can store their garbage and recycling bins in the space and they can easily be moved up and down the driveway ready for collection.

retaining wall northern beaches
Left: Draining behind the wall. Top right: Concrete filling the blockwork. Bottom right: Behind the wall is backfilled the lawn leveled.


4 weeks.

retaining wall northern beaches
Left: Metal fence added atop the new wall (and original retaining wall) for safety. Top right: New turf laid. Bottom right : The completed wall. Parking and bin storage area reinstated.

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