Repair damaged pebblecrete swimming pool surround at Warringah Aquatic Centre on the Northern Beaches.


Northern Beaches Council.


Warringah Aquatic Centre is a large indoor swim and dive centre at Frenchs Forest on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It is open to the public from 5:30am to 9pm daily and attracts hundreds of visitors each week.

An area of the pebblecrete paving surrounding the main pool deck had cracked and had previously been repaired by another contractor. The repaired pebblecrete wasn’t level with the surrounding paving, posing a potential trip hazard. Additionally, the contractor hadn’t used the correct pebble-to-mortar mix, so the repair was unsightly.

Our remedial builders were to rectify the problem and provide a suitable, long term solution with a seamless transition between the old and new pebblecrete.

All work had to be completed after hours, in one night, ready for the arrival of the morning swimmers at 5:30am.

pebblecrete repairs
Left : The original repair undertaken by another contractor using an incorrect pebblecrete mix and not level with the surrounding paving. Right : Incorrect pebblecrete mix ground out.


The first step in this pebblecrete repair was to grind out the concrete and mortar from the original repair. Using industrial fans, this area had to be dried out, ready for the application of an appropriate pebblecrete/ /epoxy mix.

Next, we had the complicated task of creating a matching pebblecrete mix. To do this, a similar number of pebbles in complimentary colour shades is required. The Warringah Aquatic Centre was built in 1979 so the original paving was 40+ years old – matching pebblecrete of this vintage requires experience and patience.

And finally, after filling the crack, we leveled the surface seamlessly. Using industrial fans, the area was dried and cured completely, ready for the morning influx of swimmers.

pebblecrete repairs
Right : Pebblecrete repair complete, before clean up. Left : After clean up, during the drying process.

Header photo source: Northern Beaches Council website. 

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