Repair and replace timber deck. Replace rotting bearers and joists, and protect them from rotting. Install new Merbau timber decking. Reuse timber, where possible.


Northern Beaches homeowner.


Parts of this client’s timber deck had rotted in places to such an extent that it was too dangerous for use.

One end of the deck was very close to the ground and this was where most of the timber rot had occurred, due to excess exposure to moisture.  In parts, the timber joists had rotted to such an extend that the decking boards had nothing to affix to and were “flapping” about, posing a dangerous trip hazard.

deck builders northern beaches
Left : Original decking timbers removed to expose rotting bearers requiring replacement. Right : New bearers installed with plastic membrane affixed to prevent premature rotting.


The first step was to remove the top decking boards and assess the extent of the rot.  Any decking boards that were still in good condition were carefully removed so we could reuse them.

Next, we determined what bearers and joists were still in good condition and could remain.  Unfortunately, all of the timber at the end close to the ground had to be replaced as they extent of wood rot was extensive.

To prolong the lifespan of the deck, we used H3 rated timbers for the bearers and joists replaced.  H3 timber is suitable for outside use and has been chemically treated for termites and wood rot.  For further protection, we added a plastic membrane atop each joist to assist in water run-off and prevent deterioration.

And finally, we reused as many of the old decking timbers we could which saved the customer considerable money. For the remainder we installed new merbau decking boards.

To achieve a consistent colour match between the old and new timbers, we painted the deck with a coloured laqueur.  The result was fantastic and the timber deck is now safe for use for many, many years to come.

deck builders northern beaches
Left : Recycled boards in place. New merbau timbers installed. Right : Deck replaced and lacquered.

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